Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Auctions Now Up...

New original art auctions going on now link below...
Well so far its been a really nice and relaxing holiday weekend. I have my new computer all set up finished loading stuff in it. The graphics card is super improved so I been a video game junkie this past weekend I can't get over all the detail I have been missing out on.
The energies as of late have been peaceful and really lite and I have had tons of energy this past week have
gotten lots done.
Feeling pretty good hope it sticks around for a long while:)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Best Friend

I wanted tonight to express how much I love my dearest friend Barb and her husband Den. We have been friends for well over 10 years now we met through the SCA and I want to thank her for always being there for me. She always listens she is compassionate loving person and a incredible creative lady. She just recently sent me this picture of her from her Victorian ladies women's club tea party she just attended I just loved this pic wanted to share it.
Thanks Barb for being a awesome friend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Digital Art

While surfing the web I found this article really liked what it had to say about digital art...

Monday, May 12, 2008

CD Cover Order of Nine

Quick Art News flash..

Metal band Order of Nine from here in Pittsburgh released their new album I am proud to say I created the cover for this great band...check it out

Thanks Jere for the opportunity!


I am so totally thrilled yesterday purchased a new computer for my business haven't done that since 2000. So Happy!!!

Also Happy Mothers Day Mum! And Happy 3rd B-Day Aden!!!

It was a layed back weekend Saturday was sunny so we went to the flea market Sunday it stormed and hailed a little felt bad for Blake he really wanted to go to the field and fly his RC airplanes. I know in my journal I bring up the weather a lot and really affects my moods all mostly good. Seasons and weather really spur my creativity hence why you see a lot of autumn themed pieces. . .Its my favorite time of the year go figure huh.

Well gotta plan my day and make a few trips!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

WIP Dragon's Keeper

Dragon's Keeper I thought I would do a quick post about its the current piece I have been working on behind the scenes. Been working on it off and on the past month keeping with the dragon theme I have been enjoying as of late. Also a clipping of the line work below..I may start out with a idea but in the painting process will start changing some things from the original sketch. Like the hair on the subject I let loose and have the wind blowing about to go along with the fiery scene. Its a turbulent painting and I wanted aspects of the subject to be affected by that environment.

Well lots on my plate today will be printing today and tomorrow and been doing a lot of graphic layout type projects so its a balancing act while on a merry go round. Been having fun trying out some new projects in other arena's in the art field I have always enjoyed variety. So much out there to explore and learn.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy D Day Mom

Well as of this morning my Mom is officially divorced "she is quite happy and is in a spry mood" so she is doing quite well.

So here is a fun blessing for you Mom!

May your days be filled with relaxing spa treatments
May your evenings be swimming with adult beverages
And nights may you be entertained by hot dancing dewds!

We love you big hugs!

Welcome to my new Blogger art journal

Hi Folks

Well I have moved over here to Blogger and will be posting all my art and studio news. I decided it was the best move a place where I can be more open. So stay tuned will start posting again shortly.

To say the least it has been super busy here I just got my website updated! There are current original art ebay auctions going on here

In the background I am working on new pieces of art to update the site up the road. I would love to post one a month but it has been project busy "thankfully so!" so it may be a bit before new stuff appears but please enjoy the most current new batch of works.

Well back to tweaking this journal...