Thursday, May 8, 2008

WIP Dragon's Keeper

Dragon's Keeper I thought I would do a quick post about its the current piece I have been working on behind the scenes. Been working on it off and on the past month keeping with the dragon theme I have been enjoying as of late. Also a clipping of the line work below..I may start out with a idea but in the painting process will start changing some things from the original sketch. Like the hair on the subject I let loose and have the wind blowing about to go along with the fiery scene. Its a turbulent painting and I wanted aspects of the subject to be affected by that environment.

Well lots on my plate today will be printing today and tomorrow and been doing a lot of graphic layout type projects so its a balancing act while on a merry go round. Been having fun trying out some new projects in other arena's in the art field I have always enjoyed variety. So much out there to explore and learn.